Patrol Officers Wired With Cameras, Microphones

April 10th, 2013

Cameras installed on city streets, in Laundromats, and everywhere else we can think of. We’ve all read or heard at least one story of this already happening, or in the works. But what happens when police officers are wired for sound and video and watched by their headquarters? Well, the initial reaction in some detachments wasn’t pretty. Many officers questioned why they should be watched by ‘big brother’.

These days, the cameras aren’t cumbersome; many can be attached, unseen, to collars, caps and sunglasses. And the battery packs that power them can last for hours. Any recorded video gets uploaded to a central server. But what are the benefits? This is what’s currently being investigated. The experiment, running since February of 2012 will end in July of this year, but the results received are already quite interesting. There has so far been a decline in complaints filed against officers of almost ninety percent.