Using Internet Service Providers in Denver Colorado To Control Your Social Media Privacy

July 23rd, 2013

Are you aware of how many apps are attached to your social media accounts? These apps can be anything that came from what you downloaded on your mobile device, or what you looked over when you were surfing the web. Most apps of this kind require your permission to access things like the calendar on your phone or the information that may be contained in the “About” section of your Facebook profile. But, although apps can be fun, you should also know that they can compromise your privacy while online.

Thankfully, these apps can be disabled simply by visiting the privacy settings of your profile. However, you will have to ensure that you do this for every app both on your computer as well as your mobile device, as some apps will affect both. Choosing to edit your settings, and then looking at how your information is gathered by the apps you’ve installed is a good start to changing your settings via internet service providers in Denver Colorado. Facebook in particular has become quite detailed with regard to describing the many apps you may have installed, as well as allowing you to control several app aspects.