Internet Usage Statistics Continue to Climb

March 15th, 2016

How big has the Internet become? A couple of years ago, 78% of all adults were using the internet regularly, and 67% regularly visited social sites such as Facebook or Twitter. According to a new analysis released by Pew Internet, internet adoption has grown to 84% of all American adults. And while the scales have tipped into the majority (58%) of senior citizens using the internet, the proportion of young adults (ages 18-29) outpace all adoption levels of other age groups..

There are still differences in internet adoption between the classes (e.g. college-educated vs. no high school diploma) as well as racial/ethnic adoption, but those gaps have shrunk dramatically the last decade and continue to shrink with wider-spread usage.

Another indication of widespread internet adoption is that more and more universities are offering online classes and providing students with the option of using e-textbooks in digital format. There is another indication that the internet is now considered to be a main resource for answering questions.