Why Are Some Internet Service Providers In Seattle Washington Considered To Be Better Than Others?

September 6th, 2013

The quality and speed of broadband was revealed in an FCC study that detailed not only which of the Seattle ISPs offered the most consistent speeds, but how they went about it. The report, based on data collected in September of last year outlined how certain types of broadband, such as fiber optic, satellite and DSL are doing in the area.

The report also included the higher speed tiers now being offered by ISP Verizon FiOS, specifically the Quantum tiers which boast speeds of 50 and 75 Mbps. It also revealed that these speeds were consistently even at 115% above their advertised speeds. And this was discovered to be the case during periods of peak usage for this one of the more popular internet service providers in Seattle Washington. The report suggests that this consistency was possible as the result of the ISP’s ability to adhere to deployment and engineering rules, as well as the technology they were using. As well, low latency, a natural component of fiber-to-the-home was also cited as a reason for the ability to maintain consistent speeds.