If You’re Blocking Your Internet Service Providers In Houston Texas IP Address To Avoid Detection, You Might Be A Law Breaker

August 20th, 2013

If you are unable to visit a web site you’ve been banished from unless you first disguise your IP address, you are now breaking the law. And you can thank Craigslist. A federal judge ruled late last week that this kind of activity is a direct violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, due to a copyright infringement lawsuit that was filed against 3Taps, a data harvesting company by Craigslist. The dispute involved 3Taps being accused of obtaining information from the Craigslist site after Craigslist had blocked the company’s IP address.

However, once blocked, 3Taps continued its attempts to access the Craigslist site by concealing its identity using different IP addresses, as well as proxy servers. But how does this apply to internet service providers in Houston Texas and their users? The ruling most definitely does set a precedent. But currently, each ISP has their own way of dealing with offenders. However, there has been outcry to develop a standard that all ISPs can use to govern the way customers visit web sites. Meanwhile, some are saying that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, now 29 years old, needs a major overhaul due to its current ability to be broadly interpreted.