Will We Soon Be Smarter When We Access Internet Service Providers In Dallas Texas?

August 9th, 2013

Wearable technology may have reached another milestone, depending on who you ask. In May of this year, a wearable headset called the Focus made its debut, and stirred a lot of conversation. The headset, designed for gamers, uses electrical currents in trace amounts to stimulate the brain’s prefrontal cortex during gameplay to produce short-term positive effects in the playing ability of the user who wears it. The first device of its kind, the Focus has been vigorously tested by scientists since its release, mainly to determine how effective the device really is.

Along with the research is much concern amongst the medical community and the general public regarding just how safe it would be to wear this headset each day. This concern is mainly due to the transcranial direct current stimulation the device employs. This method sends very low amounts of electrical current through the brain. The tDCS technique has been used before, but only in medical treatment. Accessing internet service providers in Dallas Texas to play games with the device may improve learning and working memory. But the very few side effects reported for the method only apply to the short term.